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Installing the Motor

In this guide we will show you how to install the Dendo motor into your roller blind.

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Throughout this guide, we will be referring to some specific components. They are:

  • Bracket adapter
  • Tube drive adapter
  • Tube crown adapter

The bracket adapter is what attaches the motor to the drive bracket of your blind. It is ordered together with the motor. Depending on the type of blind you have, a bracket adapter might not be needed.

The tube drive adapter and the tube crown adapter come as a set and are also ordered with the motor. They are intended to allow the motor to fit into the blind tube and transmit torque. For brevity, from hereon in we will refer to them as the drive adapter and crown adapter respectively.


Please refer to System Compatibility for more information about which types of bracket and tube adapters is required for you specific blind.


The blind must first be removed from its brackets before the motor can be installed into it. If you are unsure on how to remove the blind, please see Removing the Roller Blind. Additionally, you will also need to remove any child safety device that might be installed.

If you ordered the motor with a bracket adapter, you will need a small Phillips head screwdriver to install it. Also, a flathead screwdriver might be needed to help pry the chain winder out of the blind.


Install the adapters

  1. Install the bracket adapter (if applicable) with the included screws.
  2. Slide on the crown adapter, ensuring that the flange is towards the back.
  3. Install the drive adapter, using some force initially to push it onto the motor's drive shaft.

If the bracket adapter is for a hook type attachment, please ensure that the hooks are pointing downwards.

Insert the motor into the blind

  1. Remove the chain winder from the blind by pulling it out.
  2. Align the drive adapter with the internal ribs of the blind tube.
  3. Slide motor into the tube, stopping with roughly 1/3 remaining.
  4. Align the crown adapter with the blind tube and insert it into the tube.
  5. Slide in the rest of the motor.

There might be multiple angles for the drive and crown adapters to fit into the blind tube. In such cases, always choose the angle with the least amount of play to ensure optimal performance.

Install blind back onto the bracket

To install the blind back onto the brackets, simply use the same process as removing the blind but in reverse order. Please ensure that the charging port on the motor is facing downwards and accessible.

Bracket position adjustment

After replacing the chain winder with the Dendo motor, the overall width of the blind will have changed slightly. In most cases, the blind hardware system is designed to allow minor size variations like this. However, in some cases if the brackets become too loose or too tight, it might be necessary to adjust the bracket positions. A few millimetres is usually all that's required.

Pair to remote/controller

  1. Press and hold the pairing key on the motor until the green status LED lights up (shown below).
  2. Follow the pairing instructions for the controller you are using.

You don't have to wait until the blind is fully installed before performing the pairing process. Depending on your project, it might be easier to pair the motor first before reinstalling the blind.

Limited time window for pairing

Once the motor is in pairing mode (green status LED on), there is a 60 second time window in which to complete the pairing process. If nothing happens in this timeframe, the motor will automatically exit pairing mode.