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Installing the Solar Panel

The Dendo solar panel is a useful accessory that can extend the time interval between recharging the motor. In some cases it could even eliminate the need to recharge the motor altogether.


Select a location on the window pane where the solar panel is to be attached and clean the area of any dust. This will ensure the adhesive strip works as intended.

A flathead screwdriver is needed to release the motor I/O cover.


  1. Plug solar panel cable into the solar panel.
  2. Remove the backing from the adhesive strip on the solar panel and stick the solar panel to the cleaned area of the window pane.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry the I/O cover off the bottom of the motor.
  4. Pull out the solar panel reciprocal connector from inside the motor head.
  5. Put the I/O cover back onto the motor.
  6. Plug the solar panel cable into the reciprocal connector.
  7. Use the included cable clips to tidy up the cable.

Take care to install the solar panel at a location that is close enough for the cable can reach the motor.

Two cable exits

The solar panel reciprocal connector can exit the motor head on either side. Choose the one that works best for your installation.