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Removing the Roller Blind

In this guide we will show you common methods of removing a roller blind from its brackets. This is a general reference as it is impossible to cover all the different mechanisms out there. However, you should be able to use this information to figure out how to work with your blinds.

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When removing the blinds, it is useful to talk about the two ends. We call the end with the chain winder the drive end, while the idle end is on the opposite side.


Before starting to remove the blind, please roll it all the way up to make it easier to handle once loose. Also, a flathead screwdriver might come in handy in some scenarios.

Two types of roller blinds

For our purposes, we can define two main types of roller blind mechanisms by how the chain winder attaches to its bracket. The method for removing the blinds differ accordingly.

Slot typeHook Type
"Slot Type Mech""Hook Type Mech"

For blinds with a slot type attachment

Blinds with a slot type attachment have a slot on the chain winder that connects with a tab on the drive end bracket. To remove blinds of this type:

  1. Release blind from idle end by rotating the swivel plate to retract the pin
  2. Pull the blind away from the drive end bracket to remove it

The swivel plate should be rotated in an anticlockwise direction when facing towards the blind. Sometimes the swivel plate can be difficult to reach with your fingers. In that case, you can use a flathead screwdriver to rotate it.

Be careful

Once the pin on the idle end is retracted, the blind will come loose at this end. Make sure you are already holding the blind with one hand so that it does not fall off.

For blinds with a hook type attachment

Blinds with a hook type attachment have one or more hooks that catches onto corresponding holes on the drive end bracket. There are two ways in which blinds of this type can be removed:

Method 1

  1. Lift the drive end of the blind up slightly to unhook it.
  2. Push blind towards the idle end bracket to release one end of the blind.
  3. Pull the blind away from the idle end bracket to remove it.

Sometimes the blind is installed a bit too tightly which can make it hard to release from the drive end bracket. In this case, you can use a flathead screwdriver to pry the chain winder away from the bracket after it has been unhooked.

Method 2

  1. Release the idle end by using a flathead screwdriver to retract the spring loaded pin from the idle end bracket.
  2. Slightly lift the chain winder to unhook it from its bracket, then pull the blind away to remove it.

For recess fit blinds, a flathead screwdriver will be needed in order to retract the pin from the bracket.